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‘Skillful and innovative…  Joe Sartin’s vocals are strong and clear, Will’s mandolin dexterous and fluid…  Thresherman, a 19th-century broadside, is an album highlight on which Will’s beautiful mandolin lines trace silver around Joe’s excellent vocal as the tale is told of a hard-working family man.’
Folk Radio


‘Exceptionally talented’ brothers, Joe and Will Sartin, launched in June their first recording as Patakas (pronounced pa : ta : kus), a new duo bursting on to the English folk scene. With Joe’s sublime voice and guitar playing and Will’s dexterous mandolin, the brothers beautifully and skilfully express the music-making and folk tradition that run through the very core of their family.

The brothers launched their debut EP at Chippenham Folk Festival, and continued on with performances at Warwick, Sidmouth, Broadstairs and Folk East. They really have burst onto the English folk scene, with a great audience response.

‘When You’re Ready’ is their debut EP and came out on WildGoose Records in June 2023.


‘As a debut recording, ‘When You’re Ready’ is a very fine piece of work and if you ever worry that the folk movement may be running out of steam I urge you to listen to Joe and Will.’

‘The tune sets provide a showcase for Will’s speedy fingers, the highlight being his natty take on David Kosky’s ‘Mystery Itch’, which manages the rare feat of leaping about whilst retaining a wistful air.’

‘Exceptionally talented musicians. A surprisingly assured debut.’

The EP was made during the six months after their well-loved father Paul Sartin, passed away. An esteemed and prolific folk musician, violinist, oboist, singer, composer, Paul was a founding member of award-winning folk bands Bellowhead, Faustus and Belshazzar’s Feast.

Joe and Will’s maternal grandfather, Doug Bailey, recorded and produced this album at Wild Goose Studios in Hampshire, thereby bringing things full circle for the family; their father’s own debut record with Belshazzar’s Feast was recorded with Doug at the same studio in 1996.

Will and Joe explain further;

“This EP is so important to both of us. After the loss of our father in September last year, we spent a lot of time reminiscing childhood memories together with our eldest brother, and the vast majority of those were times we spent playing or singing together. We realised that music has not only been something we’ve always loved doing, but has also created so many strong bonds and incredible memories, whether that was with direct family or friends that we consider family. So, in this spirit we compiled the songs and tunes that we feel really captured strong memories for us.

It was always a dream of Dad’s to have us perform together as a trio but alas time and life got in the way and we only once made this a reality; a rainy but wonderful outdoor concert in August 2020 at The Oval Tavern in Croydon, where we were billed as ‘Sartin & Sons’.  We felt we owed Dad and ourselves the chance to create some great music and we couldn’t think of a better way than to come together under the name Patakas which was his old University nickname. This is the first time that we’ve worked together as a duo. We can’t wait to share our music!”

A member of the popular 5-piece ceilidh band, Out of Hand, Will has performed at Sidmouth, Chippenham and a host of other folk festivals since leaving the National Youth Folklore Troupe of England (NYFTE). 

Also a NYFTE alumnus, Joe was a founding member of trio Renard, lead singer of Second Knives, and is now studying for a music degree whilst pursuing professional projects in folk, jazz and rock; influences which contribute to the unique musical identity of Patakas.

Patakas bring driving rhythms and innovative harmony to fresh interpretations of traditional tunes and songs, as well as those of their own composition.


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