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Jon Wilks


  • February 2022
  • Festivals 2022

Also available for one-off and bespoke bookings throughout the year. 

For reference, Jon’s calendar of events can be found at the bottom of this page.


Jon’s background as a journalist (a former editor of Time Out magazine and contributor to Dazed & Confused, The Guardian and other publications) means that he has a great eye/ear for a story, and this shows in his live shows – an amusing mix of folk song performance and conversation. He throws in weird and wonderful tidbits about the original singers and collectors that he has unearthed during his substantial writing and podcasting research on traditional folk music in the UK, and his performance has been described as half concert, half standup routine. 

 “Jon Wilks’s ‘Up the Cut’ explores the fascinating history of Birmingham street balladry, a thriving 19th-century industry, through simple, deeply affecting voice-and-guitar settings. The Lover’s Ghost and Stowaway are especially beautiful, delicate with love and loss.” – Jude Rogers, The Guardian

Read more at Jon’s website and download the Information Pack below.


  • Useful wording for event listings / Biography
  • Press quotes and reviews
  • Recent discography
  • Catering rider & other requirements
  • Technical Specification
  • Internet Links 
  • Booking contact

Click on the image of the pack to download the Word document.

Click on the image to download the pack