Belshazzar’s Feast

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Wickedly inventive & beloved duo

Acclaimed musicians Paul Sartin (oboe, violin, swanee whistle and vocals) and Paul Hutchinson (accordion) are notorious for their superlative ability, wit, rapport and depth of experience, creating a concert to remember. Together they have entertained audiences across the UK, plus in Australia, Seychelles, Belgium and the USA, with their eclectic and eccentric performances that send a fulfilled and chuckling audience home.

Live audiences at the duo’s sell-out shows in May and December can look forward to an inspired collection of songs and tunes; stirred into the mix are classical, pop, music-hall and of course traditional folk music, all laced with the duo’s wry humour. 

Recent reviews

‘They can do things with a squeeze-box and an oboe that can break your heart.’ – Independent on Sunday

‘There is simply no way that two men in faded denim jeans should be this entertaining!’ – Downend Folk Club

‘Amidst the jesting and hilarity, they sit as fine an example of traditional English folk music as you’re likely to hear.’ – Bright Young Folk

‘Paul Hutchinson and Paul Sartin play like no-one else you’ve ever heard. Their music is breathtaking and wickedly inventive and the between-tunes interchange as intelligent and hilarious as the music. But don’t let me give you the impression they’re a lightweight comedy act: they finish the set with a haunting piece of oboe and accordion magic which has the audience spellbound.’  – BBC Radio 2 Mike Harding Show online

‘One of the most intimate and entertaining live albums I’ve heard.’ – Songlines

‘Their intricately arranged instrumentals are a roomful of strangers introducing themselves at a party and getting along fine. You don’t know what’s coming up next and you enjoy the danger… lords of misrule.’ – Living Tradition

With exquisite instrumentation and haunting harmonies to the fore, this is the quality we have come to expect from Faustus’ – Folk Radio

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